Welcome to Infornetix

firefox Infornetix is a software development and technology solution company specializing in internal or Web-enabled database-based management solutions that incorporate leading communication and automation technologies such as barcoding and RFID.

Over the years we developed a strong skill set ranging from legacy to the cutting-edge Internet and data management technologies such as Rich Internet Applications, Data Warehousing and Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. We do all this while adhering to the leading standards and platforms like SQL database management systems and Microsoft .NET.

At the same time we grew out business experience and we encapsulated it in software modules and libraries. Our information management systems are modular and customized for each client to meet the very individual business model that a company developed over many years and that is its key to success.

Infornetix is also actively engaged in university research. This research focuses on cooperative query answering, automated planning, and Web Service composition.

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