Warehousing Management Solutions

Infornetix offers several high quality products that have been built and verified over several years of very successful operation.

CAPE, which stands for computer-aided process engineering, is a customizable computer software system developed as a complete solution to day-to-day information management needs. CAPE is modular and therefore configurable for a variety of types of businesses.

CAPE Warehousing is a configuration of CAPE that is tailored for the warehousing and distribution businesses. It is a complete industrial-strength warehouse management software system.

It is tested and proven to be a real solution to operate a logistics business of any size. It is quick and easy to install and to migrate to with on-site assistance and training by experienced professionals. It offers support that ensures uninterrupted business operation.

Reliable - CAPE is proven by years of contiguous failure-free operation in a busy multi-million dollar business environment to operate logistics business of any size. It offers support that ensures uninterrupted business operation. It features hot (while the system operates) backups with to-the-minute disaster recovery and support for redundancy. It is easily adaptable to a multitude of environments including sub -20C freezers.

Robust - CAPE is designed to be scalable in size, processing power and price to accommodate any current business needs and future growth. It offers fast response and very large capacity for information to handle high volume of orders, customers, products, inventory, high business throughputs and significant number of simultaneous users.

It is multi-company and multi-location capable. It features full audit trail and traceability along with analysis services. It is built on most modern industry-strength technology as a client/server architecture with a commercial relational database engine at the center.

Sophisticated - CAPE features real-time operation of barcode and wireless scanners. It is securely accessible over a browser, thus providing the option to communicate directly with customers and suppliers. It is also remotely accessible to management, remote locations, customers and vendors for automatic customer service and order placement. It is Internet enabled and Internet ready.

User Friendly - CAPE was developed following careful attention to client needs and concerns to be efficient, fast, robust and reliable. The list of functions is comprehensive but focused on a useful set of features.

It features intuitive design, simple interface and clear menus with on-screen instructions that allow navigating the system gradually to make the most of everything the system has to offer. It can be operated even by inexperienced users. Its terminology and layouts are customizable to maintain business familiarity. It is very user friendly but sophisticated in processing at the same time. It offers easy-to-follow documentation.

Business Friendly - CAPE is quick and easy to install and to migrate to with on-site assistance and training by experienced professionals. It easily interfaces to the existing systems and subsystems such as accounting or statistical analysis packages, as well as, external client and supplier systems. It allows remote access and management over the Internet. It is modifiable, customizable and open to data access from standard reporting tools like Microsoft or XML. It is open for system-to-system input and output interfacing, for example EDI and XML. It offers multi-location support by remote connectivity or replication and multi-company capability.

Benefits - CAPE allows for business and profit maximization, control, automation, greater accuracy and cost reduction by optimizing inventory levels. Its just-in-time delivery management allows to offer products beyond the physical inventory on-hand. It features natural, fast and efficient data input and acquisition. It allows to control and to manage a large number of users, high inventory levels and high volume of business. It assists in business structure enforcement and business procedure adherence. It offers extensive reporting and forecasting services, automatic notifications and real-time business monitoring. It offers just-in-time fulfillment management, multiple price lists, special and seasonal price control and price change impact analysis.

Cost Effective - CAPE is simple and flexible. The functions can be added at anytime inexpensively to accommodate new needs or changes in the business environment. It features proven low cost of operating, minimal support and maintenance requirements. It is offered as a solution with customization included. It is modularized hence it can be purchased according to requirements. The cost can be scaled to the size of the business. Financial terms are flexible and can be gradual to allow immediate profitability. It offers the lowest possible price for the best system of the type in the market. Although it is inexpensive, it offers complete and comprehensive functionality. It is never too early and never too late to adopt. It greatly increases the value of the company. It utilizes any existing local area network, workstations and printers.

Feature Highlights - Modules can operate independently or be integrated with each other:

  • Customer Order and Fulfillment Management and Processing, including Shipping Automation
  • Purchase Order Management and Processing including Receiving Automation
  • Production Work Order Management and Processing with Bill-Of-Material Automation
  • Warehouse Inventory Control with Bill-Of-Material Management
  • Comprehensive Set of Daily and Management Printouts and Reports
  • Activity, Labour and Productivity Tracking; Access Control